Humboldt Bay Social Club is located on the southern end of the Samoa Peninsula on Humboldt Bay.  


To the West, our boutique hotel is located on the historic grounds of a WWII blimp base.  After the war, the base became Samoa Airfield, which continues to operate as a tiny municipal airstrip that lands about 1 private plane per day.  The officers’ quarters were transformed into a fly-in bed and breakfast, which operated through the 1970s.  Humboldt Bay Social Club recently renovated the abandoned building and reopened as Samoa Fields in May 2017.


To the East, vacation rental homes are scattered across 16 bayfront acres called Oyster Beach.  The land was a family ranch established in the 1890s, and each home has been restored in homage to its historic roots. The homes at Oyster Beach are cozy and stylish, but simple by design. Each of the cabins can be rented individually or the entire property can be rented for weddings and other special events.