Work with us

We live on Humboldt Bay, about 600 miles from anywhere.  As such, we North Coasters tend to be self-reliant types.  We love to do-it-ourselves.  We also love to trade and partner with folks who get us.  For instance:

Photo Shoots: We love hosting photo shoots in our cabins and suites, outdoors and in our event spaces. Access and prices vary depending on the nature of the shoots. Please click here to download our Photo Shoot policies.  

Artist Residency: If you’re looking for inspiration, respite, or just a space to help you get your creative juices flowing, come stay with us for a spell.  We love having maker-types around and we know how hard the creative process/"earning a living" thing can be. Depending on the type of space you need and the length of stay, we can put together a residency package just for you. 

Collaborations: Whether you are a photographer or videographer in need of a  place to shoot, a travel writer seeking a subject, or a new business looking for incubation space, we are always exploring ways to work with others. We’re open to trade too, it if means creating an opportunity for fun and creativity to flourish.  

Freelance Writing and Design Work: We like what we do, and sometimes we think we’re pretty good at it. Our team includes writers, photographers, designers, and builders. We’re happy to help you bring your ideas to life, whether that’s just talking over a beer, helping you write a business plan or an article, or consulting on your project.